Your CIRS/ mould illness healing journey starts here

Get to the root cause of your symptoms through my signature personalised process designed to identify the underlying cause of your health concerns and arrive at an individual health plan.

Having had CIRS/mould illness myself I understand the challenges of day to day struggles with brain fog, fatigue, grumpiness and anxiety, eye floaters, dizziness, tingling hands… to name a few…. and what it requires to get back your health and your life. 

The systemic and often complex nature of CIRS/mould illness means healing takes time. Most patients healing journey will be at least 6 – 12months+

How we work together

All consultations are exclusively via video call


“So great to work with a practitioner who’s been there too”

“Lisa really helped me understand what was driving my brain fog and fatigue.” 

“I’m so very grateful for the work Lisa has done in helping me regain my life and health. Thank you”

“I’ve never had such a thorough review of my health”                  

“Before I saw Lisa I was struggling to do everyday tasks and since we moved out of our mouldy home and followed Lisa’s health plan we can now start our family”

If, after reading the FAQ you still have questions, please complete the client application form below.  

Please note:

  • For medicolegal purposes, I do not provide personal health advice via email or outside of consultations.
  • I am not currently accepting referrals for those residing outside of Australian or NZ.
  • Health plans recommendations for CIRS/Mould illness are not appropriate for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Please re-visit when you are not pregnant and/or have stopped breastfeeding.
  • I am not a NDIS provider
  • I prefer to work with adults however children are considered if the parent is a patient and a member of a household effected by a water damaged building/mould.

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting disease or feeding it”

Not ready yet?

That’s ok!

If you’re interested in support for CIRS/mould illness and not ready to take that first step, complete your details below and keep up to date with resources as they become available.

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