Practitioner Information

Are you a practitioner looking to up-skill your skills and knowledge in the area of Chronic inflammatory response syndrome/ mould illness?

As an educator Lisa McDonald offers a forum for qualified practitioners to learn more about chronic inflammatory response syndrome.   

Practitioner only clinical courses to upskill practitioners in this area will be available soon. Sign up below to keep up to date with when this is launched.

If you are a practitioner, you can request access to the facebook group CIRS Practitioner Forum. You will be asked to provide evidence of your qualification.

The CIRS Practitioner Forum FB site is a forum for practitioners to share clinical experiences and discuss latest information.


Mentoring with Lisa is currently not available, however please check out the Practitioner Forum where you will have access to discussions and latest information.

Education & training

Interested in understanding more about CIRS/mould illness?

Please see education sessions previously recorded. Short courses and comprehensive practitioner programs are coming soon. Please sign up below to keep up to date with when this is launched.

CIRS / Mould illness

Postcast guest: Wendy & Lisa dive deeper into Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)/Mould illness.

CASI 2021 Expert Panel Review

Practitioner-only: Presentations + Live Panel Webinar.

Mould Mycotoxin and Gut Health

Podcast guest: Lisa & Andrew Whitfield-Cook discuss how gut health impacts and is impacted by mould Biotoxins.

Functional Approach to Children and Mood

FX Medicine: While often very adaptable, children are just as vulnerable to mood imbalances as adults. Children may have thoughts and feelings that are difficult to articulate, so it is helpful to look for signs of mood issues.

Nutrigenomics and Fertility

FX Medicine: When supporting fertility management, from a functional and naturopathic perspective, there are a number of factors that are typically taken into consideration to optimise fertility and birth outcomes. One emerging area is Nutrigenomics.

MTHFR: A Drop In The Ocean

FX Medicine: It seems that everywhere we look these days, there is something being written or spoken about MTHFR or methylation. However, should we be relying on this as a single focus for treatment?

Unravelling CIRS-WDB

Podcast guest: Lisa joins the discussion, explorating water-damaged building exposure and biotoxin illness, as a bonus expert.

Fertility management and nutrigenomics

FX Medicine: Pregnancy complications, infertility issues and the use of assisted reproductive technology is increasing in Australia and therefore there are many who need assistance.

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If you are a practitioner interested in learning more about upcoming education and training opportunities, please register your interest here.

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